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32 COVID deaths, 1,820 virus cases recorded Saturday


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AMMAN — Thirty-two COVID-19 deaths and 1,820 coronavirus cases, including 1,818 local infections, were recorded in the Kingdom on Saturday, increasing the caseload to 50,750, the government announced.
The reported fatalities took the Kingdom’s coronavirus death toll to 540, according to a joint statement issued by the Prime Ministry and the Ministry of Health.
The local cases comprised 1,050 infections in Amman, 205 in Irbid, including 89 in Ramtha district, 235 in Zarqa, 63 in Aqaba, 21 in Ajloun, 40 in Jerash, 31 in Karak, 66 in Maan including 9 in Petra, 26 in Madaba, 36 in Mafraq, and 45 cases in Balqa.
Cases from abroad comprised two Jordanian truck drivers who tested positive at the Omari border crossing.
A total of 143 COVID-19 patients were admitted to accredited hospitals on Saturday, the statement said, adding that 1,167 cases are receiving treatment in hospitals, while the rest of COVID-19 positive people are under home quarantine.
The statement added that 59 recovered patients left accredited hospitals.
A total of 11,979 virus tests were also conducted on Saturday, bringing the cumulative number of coronavirus tests administered to 1,695,215.
Amid the growing number of local infections, the Ministry of Health has renewed its call on the public to abide by defence orders, as well as to adhere to precautionary measures, mainly wearing face masks and avoiding holding gatherings that exceed 20 people.
The ministry also highlighted the “Aman” (Safety) application for smartphones, which alerts users if they come into contact with a COVID-19 positive person, as well as “Sahtak” (your health) application, which provides users with the latest information and news related to COVID-19, in addition to guidelines and warnings pertaining to the Kingdom’s epidemiological situation.

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