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JCC calls for halting economic exchange with Israel's annexation decision supporters




Amman-Jordan Chamber of Commerce (JCC) President, Nael Kabariti, said the private sector will call for stopping all economic transactions with any country or party that supports Israel's decision to annex new Palestinian lands.
In a press statement issued on Saturday, Kabariti said this decision comes to bolster and support the Jordanian position, led by His Majesty King Abdullah II, in rejecting the Israeli annexation decision.
Discussing the King's efforts in this regard, he highlighting His Majesty's "solid" positions in drumming up international support to reject Israel's policies and procedures to annex swathes of the Palestinian territories and depriving the Palestinians of their legitimate rights to establish their independent state on their national soil.
Continuing:" The JCC's position is also a safety valve to assert the rights of the Palestinian people on their land."
Moreover, he recalled the sacrifices made by Jordan in defense of Palestine, calling on Arab private sector institutions to launch "supportive" stances to back the Jordan-led effort in defending justice of the Palestinian cause and the Palestinian people's rights.

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