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Does Nancy Ajram Spy on Her Husband?




 Nancy talked about her relationship with dentist Fadi Al Hashem her husband, and mentioned that if there are pre-conditions between the couple, their relationship will not be successful.

When wafaa asked her if she spying on her husband or used someone for that, Nancy replied  "No need for that, his conscience is the spy!"
Nancy continued to talk about motherhood and expressed her feelings toward her daughters and for her parents. She added that she does not lose that feeling even when her family say she is doing a great job with her daughters.
Wafaa aslo asked the super star if she ever boasts about being "Nancy Ajram" with people or if she ever told anyone, "Hey, I'm Nancy ajram, wake up!"
Nancy confidently replied yes as some situations require to show the people who you are, and that you are not like anyone else , especially when facing pepole that acting in a rude way!
The Lebanese megastar also described herself as a mature ,strong, independent, and successful women in all fileds!

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