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Trump to Recognize Jerusalem as Israeli Capital?


Pesach Benson, honestreporting


. Media reports continue buzzing that Trump will recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and possibly move the US embassy there from Tel Aviv. He’s expected to lay out his plans in a speech on Wednesday. The Washington Post shed the most light on the administration’s decision-making process. Trump faces a Friday deadline on whether to sign a waiver that would leave the embassy in Tel Aviv. More at the New York Times.
Reactions were swift: The Palestinian Authority said the peace process will end and sought an emergency meeting of the Arab League. launched its own diplomatic campaign, while Hamas threatened a renewed intifada, and Jordan said it would strengthen terror groups. And the UN General Assembly’s response? Well, 151 states disavowed Israeli ties to the Jerusalem.
Meanwhile, CNN reports that the State Department is preparing for the possibility of violent protests outside American embassies and consulates.



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