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Interview with Anas Amireh: Jordanian Celebrity Pilot


Rida Khan, Albwaba


 A Captain of a successful Airbus A320 developed a dream of flying at the age of five by watching his father in the uniform of a pilot.

He made his father an inspirational role-model and followed his footsteps to become an airline pilot.
Today he is a successful Captain in the field of aviation and has become a celebrity icon from his country Jordan. Being a social influencer he has more than 400K followers globally.
He gained this popularity on social media through his traveling journey videos, showcasing his life, in addition to motivational aviation articles on his website. He is the representative of Jordan tourism sector and became the face of Jordan tourism billboard from his country.
Q.)  Can u tell me the story of your success and challenges of life?
Pilot Amireh - Right guidance is very important in life, I feel blessed being in such a good and supportive family. From my childhood, I was a big fan of flying and my family guided me in a right way. They told me how important school studies and academics are, how important is to set goals to become what you want to. Whatever career you want to choose, you have to know what is your target and goal in life. Take your decisions and responsibilities in life seriously.
Going back to my training days I joined Royal Jordanian air academy finishing my commercial & instrument rating license. As a Co-pilot / First officer for an Airbus A320, I started my career with Royal Jordanian Airlines. During my flying with Royal Jordanian Airlines, I completed my university studies & finished Degree in Business Administration. I proceeded further joining different airlines to gain more experience, expertise and expand my career.
First time as an airline pilot I met the challenge when I was in Royal Jordanian Airlines. It was my starting point and I felt very lucky to join the biggest Airline of Jordan which gave me a chance and opened doors of experience as an airline pilot. As I was getting experienced I was meeting the challenges also like challenges of changing culture, change of workplace, change of environment around me, dealing with different nationalities, change of one type of airplane to another but at last, I met all the challenges and became successful.
Q.) You are a stylish icon for so many people. What is the reason behind your admirable personality?
Pilot Amireh  -  I like to treat people the way I like them to treat me. The way people admire me, I would like to admire and appreciate for what they really are to me, for example, their positive or negative comments, their expression of thoughts etc. Actually, I am a social person in life as well as on media, so it is my responsibility to reciprocate my appreciation for them by being nice to them.
Q.) What 3 things do you need to become a successful pilot?
Pilot Amireh - Knowledge, Handling challenges, Right Attitude.
Q.) How do you motivate your millions of followers on social media ?
Pilot Amireh - There are millions of people who have a dream in life to become a pilot and I put myself in their shoes because one day I was like them at the same stage dreaming to become a pilot. Anyone who is passionate about this profession, I know what their feeling is when they look at the airplane, how they feel while visiting an airport etc. I understand what is going on in their mind, I try to deliver the right content, right videos, right picture that try to motivate them to pursue their dream and live them.
Years back being in their place makes me understand what they really need so that’s why I deliver the content according to their requirements so that they can attain their goal in life.  By giving aviation-related information, the knowledge, sharing my life as a pilot and writing aviation articles.
Q.) Jordan is famous for its historical places and culture, please tell something more about it?
Pilot Amireh - Jordan is very famous for its culture and historical places  - Romans, Nabateans, Al Petra, Muslims, and Christians all lived in this land. These nations came across to Jordan because Jordan is a very strategic place where people traveling to Gulf or Turkey or Egypt have to go via Jordan. Their culture reflects in our country which I like a lot.
Talking about the historical places there are so many places to visit which represents the nations living in Jordan from ages. From North you will find Umm Qais, Ajlun castle, Jerash than going to Amman you will find Roman Theatre, Amman Citadel (Jabal al-Qal'a) , continuing to the south there are places like Al Karak castle, Wadi Rum, Petra – one of the 7 wonders of the World. Beside this, there are various nature-related places to visit like the Dead Sea, Ma’in Hot spring known as Hammamat Ma’in which is a natural place where people visit to get themselves healed from various diseases.
In the summer’s a Jerash festival is also organized known as “Jerash Festival Of Culture & Arts,” which is held to enrich the culture of Jordan to the travelers and tourists.
Q.) Your favorite Jordanian dessert?
Pilot Amireh -  Kanafeh
Q.) When you saw your photo on Jordan tourism billboard how did you feel?
Pilot Amireh - I felt proud and was very happy that I am part of Jordanian community that represents Jordan for tourists and travelers.
Q.) How has your life changed after becoming a celebrity pilot?
Pilot Amireh - The job is the same. Nothing changed because at the end I am a pilot who is absolutely passionate about my job. But my travel is both extensive and enjoyable, I started to meet my followers and a lot of people recognized me in the city. Like on my recent visit to New York I took a 10 minutes walk, and one of my followers noticed me, we had a talk and they told that they are from France. On the second day hotel staff saw me and took pictures with me, we had a nice chat. So ultimately my social life is more expanded at a worldwide / global level. I’m more busy doing a lot of stuff like interacting with the people on social media, working on my YouTube aviation videos, writing articles for my website. In the end, my life has become busier now, which I definitely enjoy living.
Q.) Your father is your role model, after seeing your success how he feels about it?
Pilot Amireh - My father is my role model now and will always be. He feels extremely proud which I can see in his eyes every time when I achieve something successful or I succeed in what I’m doing. I feel my father is much more happier than me regarding what I’m doing in my life at the same time as a father he always advises me and is curious to know about the steps I am taking in life. There may be difference of point of view which he shares with me but I ensure that I take his advice as I know my father loves me and he wants the best for me.                                                                                                                                                                    
Q.) Any message for your fans and followers?
Pilot Amireh - Do what you love and keep dreaming, so that you can achieve them. There is nothing impossible in life, always set your goals, work hard with dedication to achieve them. Doesn’t matter how much time and efforts it takes to reach your goals, what matters is that you reach your goals and one day you witness your dream turning into a reality.

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