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One-man NGO aims to hone skills of Jordanian youth for landing jobs in Germany


The Jordan Times


AMMAN — With the aim of building economic and social bridges between Germany and Jordan, German-Jordanian Raed Romhi is designing a project with short- and mid-term goals: Equipping young Jordanians with vocational skills and qualifying them for work in Germany.
“The point is to equip young Jordanians by giving them vocational training, teaching them the German language and providing them with community-based skills to be able to integrate into the German society and its multi-cultural labour market,” Romhi said.
Taking into consideration the increasing number of unemployed young Jordanians and Germany’s need for skilled labourers, Romhi said that the project his non-profit, one-man NGO is implementing will bring “win-win outcomes” for both countries.
The project will be centred around investing in the capabilities of young Jordanians and helping them find jobs in German companies, he said.
“To that end, those young people, who need to meet certain criteria, will be empowered with high-level technical, mechanical and handicraft skills to be able to work in the German industrial economy,” Romhi said in a recent interview with The Jordan Times.
“Industry economy is built by highly qualified technicians. This should be the basis of a stable economy. Germany needs these talents.”
Romhi said that Jordan produces highly qualified technicians with social responsibility. “This is the main framework of the project.”
He explained that the selection of candidates will be based on three factors: Vocational skills, scientific qualifications and social responsibility.
“By social responsibility, we mean being able to integrate within the multicultural German society and having both social roots and responsibility for left-behind families and societies.”
“In Germany, those skilled young Jordanians will be granted first-grade resident status,” he said.
The short-term objective of the project is to lay down the infrastructure for 100 young Jordanians per year to go and work in Germany, Romhi said, adding that increasing the number to around 500 will be the project’s long-term goal.
Romhi’s project, which he said will be implemented in cooperation with the concerned Jordanian and German agencies, will also entail encouraging German companies to open up subsidiaries and branches in Jordan and also benefit from Jordan as a hub in the region.
“Work is under way now with German companies, NGOs, chambers of commerce and associations to begin the procedural steps of the project. We are now evaluating the administrative and legal circumstances in Germany,” Romhi noted.
He said that the selected young Jordanians will receive vocational training (Ausbildung) in Germany. “This will be our target,” he added.
Romhi explained that the selected young Jordanians will enter a seven-month qualification phase during which they will receive German language courses, vocational training and social learning on how to integrate within a multi-cultural society.
“By next year, we expect the first batch of equipped young Jordanians to go to Germany.”

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