Saturday 11th of July 2020 |
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Hizbullah, AMAL Supporters Attack Protesters as Roads Blocked across Lebanon




Supporters of Hizbullah and the AMAL Movement launched fresh attacks late Sunday on anti-corruption protesters in central Beirut, as roads were blocked across Lebanon in an escalation of anti-corruption protests.
Fistfights first erupted on the Ring flyover in central Beirut before the AMAL and Hizbullah supporters descended on Riad al-Solh and Martyrs Square where they reportedly vandalized tents and threatened protesters.
Riot police and army troops later reinforced their presence on the highway and separated between the two groups.
The Hizbullah and AMAL supporters resorted to stone throwing at this point and shouted insults and sectarian slogans. The protesters responded with "revolution" chants and other protest slogans.

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