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Jordanians march in support of Jerusalem, Hashemite Custodianship


The Jordan Times


AMMAN — Citizens in Balqa, Zarqa and Karak on Tuesday took to the streets in a show of support for His Majesty King Abdullah’s efforts to safeguard Islamic and Christian holy sites in the occupied city of Jerusalem.
Demonstrators reaffirmed their support of Jordanian leadership’s position on Palestine, Jerusalem and the causes of the Arab and Islamic nations, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, reported.
In Salt, citizens paraded around the city reaffirming unity and solidarity among Jordanians, as well as between Jordanians and their leadership, according to Petra.
Chairman of the Balqa Governorate Council Musa Awamleh said that the Hashemites have made immeasurable sacrifices in the effort to protect the Islamic and Christian holy sites in Jerusalem and preserve the occupied city’s Arab and Islamic identity.
Citizens in Karak also rallied in support of the King’s stance on Jerusalem.
They also chanted slogans voicing support of His Majesty’s position against the Judaisation of Islamic and Christian sites in Jerusalem and the Palestinian territories.
Arab Potash Company Chairman Jamal Sarayrah said that “the Hashemites are the legitimate historical and religious custodians of Jerusalem, and there was no debate on this”.
In the Rusaifa district of Zarqa Governorate, citizens also rallied in support of Jerusalem and the Palestinian cause. They also chanted support for the Palestinians’ right to an independent state of their own and their right to return to their occupied homeland, Petra reported.

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