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Government will take the 2017 Audit Bureau report seriously: PM




Amman- Prime Minister, Omar Razzaz, said the government will take the 2017 Audit Bureau report "very seriously" and will rectify violations, either by issuing Cabinet decisions, or referring them to the Integrity and Anti-Corruption Commission, or launching procedural follow-up with the concerned institutions.
During his meeting on Thursday with President of the Audit Bureau, Abdul Kharabsheh, who delivered him a copy of the bureau's annual report.
The premier stressed the need to inform citizens in a transparent and clear manner on measures to rectify violations, adding the government is in dire need of Audit Bureau's oversight efforts, in a bid to monitor performance and reduce the financial and administrative irregularities in some institutions.
Razzaz said the government was keen to expand the bureau's powers and functions and increase its independence, so that it can perform its oversight role effectively. 
He noted the government initiated the amendment on the Audit Bureau Law, in order to strengthen its independence in terms of technical, administrative, and financial aspects, which was endorsed by the Parliament recently.
He highlighted the importance of monitoring cases of administrative flabbiness, and corruption. 
He stressed the necessity of activating the internal oversight units in the state institutions and granting them appropriate powers.
Razza instructed the Secretary-General of the Prime Ministry, Sami Daoud, to immediately begin reviewing the irregularities mentioned in the report, in cooperation and coordination with the Audit Bureau, in an effort to begin rectifying violations.
For his part, Kharabsheh lauded the Prime Minister's support for the bureau's efforts, and the government's measures taken to expand its powers to enhance its independence.
On the monitoring mechanism, he said the bureau's supervisory units, deployed in the various regions of the Kingdom, closely oversee violations committed in the institutions, who investigate irregularities, address the institutions directly for the purpose of rectifying them and report the uncertified ones to the Prime Minister. 

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