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Environment minister takes part in 8th World Green Economy Summit in Dubai


The Jordan Times


AMMAN — Minister of Environment Muawieh Radaideh participated in the 8th World Green Economy Summit in Dubai, which kicked off Wednesday and is scheduled to conclude on Thursday.
The minister highlighted Jordan's key efforts in making transition to achieve a green economy and launch climate action, which aligns with mechanisms aimed to reduce emissions and adapt to this phenomenon's effects, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, reported.
He also stressed the urgent need to implement adaptation measures in all the region's countries, in light of the water shortage and drought that the region is suffering from, especially with the expected rise in temperatures.
He said that these measures were locally translated into the National Adaptation Plan and sector plans for the green economy in the six main development sectors of energy, water, agriculture, transport, tourism and waste management, which are in line with initiatives contained in Jordan's Economic Modernisation Vision. 
The minister said that the response to climate change is a "collective" action to mitigate this threat to all countries and reflects commitment to Paris Agreement and its recommendations.
As for Paris Accords, he said that all countries bear the responsibility to commit to climate response, while developed countries pledge to support tech transfer and secure necessary funding to implement the nationally determined contributions.
The minister also participated in the ministerial dialogue and session on the role of youth and climate action activists.
On the sidelines of the summit, the minister discussed with Director of World Green Economy Organisation (WGEO) Abdulrahim Sultan mechanisms for enhancing cooperation and sustainable action.

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