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German Ambassador calls for Jordan’s partnership in facing
Russian war challenges


The Jordan Times


While celebrating German Unity Day, the German Ambassador to Jordan, Bernhard Kampmann, asked for Jordan and Germany to meet the challenges of the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine together, in partnership and in solidarity, as they have done at many other turning points in history.
In his speech held in the presence of Ayman Al Mufleh, Minister of Social Development, and 350 guests from politics, business and culture, Ambassador Kampmann praised the close and trustful collaboration with Jordan in addressing multilateral and regional challenges, such as the Middle East Peace Process, the Syrian refugee crisis and the impact of climate change on Jordan’s scarce water resources, according to a statement from the German embassy in Amman.
Recalling the significance of the reunification of Germany on of October 3 1990, Ambassador Kampmann said: “It was a day of hope and optimism for many. (…) Democracy and freedom was to become a reality for all Germans. Internationally, we had the promise of a new era, of a new Europe. (…) The brutal aggression by the Russian Federation against the sovereign state of Ukraine in February of this year has shown how fragile peace between nations continues to be. How fragile the international order really is. (…) Now, 32 years after the German reunification, we find ourselves at another historical turning point.”
Reflecting on the strength and vibrancy of the German-Jordanian relations and the joint commitment to the rules-based order, Ambassador Kampmann expressed his hope that bilateral relations between Germany and Jordan would continue to grow at this moment of epochal transformation. 
Germany established diplomatic relations with Jordan in 1953 and is the second biggest bilateral development and humanitarian donor to Jordan. The next tranche of development assistance for the coming two years will be announced at high-level government negotiations on development cooperation held from 5-6 October in Amman, said the statement.

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