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PM issues 19th, 20th defence orders, stiffening penalties for violating COVID rules


The Jordan Times


AMMAN — Prime Minister and Minister of Defence Bisher Al Khasawneh issued defence orders No. 19 and 20 related to the comprehensive lockdown on Fridays, the night curfew and strengthening monitoring of preventive measures, Minister of State for Media Affairs Ali Al Ayed announced on Thursday.
During a press conference held at the Prime Ministry, Ayed said that under Defence Order No. 19, the Friday congregational prayer will be held at mosques during the nationwide comprehensive lockdown, provided that worshippers go to mosques on foot for one hour only, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, reported.
He also said that under the new defence order, kindergartens are allowed to operate and the social development minister has the authority to take the proper decision on sustaining or suspending their work depending on the epidemiological situation in each area.
The defence order also authorised the minister of labour and minister of state for investment affairs to amend work and education mechanisms at institutes, vocational training institutions and centres that are not subject to the Education Law, depending on the developments in the epidemiological situation.
As for the partial night curfew implemented on other days of the week, Ayed said that as of Saturday, public movement will be banned between 11pm and 6am, while institutions and businesses will be closed between 10pm and 6am, except for those excluded by a decision issued by the prime minister.
The order also stiffens penalties and fines for curfew violators. Repeat offenders will face fines up to JD500 and institutions repeating violations might face fines up to JD2,000 and a 14-day closure, according to the defence order.
Ayed added that Defence Order No. 19 also stiffens fines for tourist and popular restaurants and coffee shops to ensure they do not serve argileh indoors and adhere to maintaining at least a two-metre distance between tables.
Tourist and popular restaurants must ensure that the number of guests does not exceed six per table, and any repeated breaches to the regulation face a fine of JD6,000, according to the defence order.
Meanwhile, Defence Order No. 20 stipulates increasing the number  public institutions authorised to carry out inspections and monitoring health measures to 12 entities in addition to the Public Security Directorate, with the possibility of increasing the number of these entities if the need arises.
The minister noted that the amount collected from fines will be transferred to the “Khair account” at the Social Development Ministry and the donations account at the Health Ministry according to percentages to be determined by the finance minister.

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