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Biden's wins .. What does it mean for Jordanians? Muasher, Hassan and Hamarneh told Ammon


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Will  Joe Biden's wins at the presidency of the United States affect the Arab region ... will Washington's relationship with Amman be affected for the better or otherwise? Will the deal of the century end and the new administration retreat from decisions taken by President Trump, especially with regard to the Palestinian issue? What does Biden win mean, what is hoped for, and how do experts view it?

Former Deputy Prime Minister Jaafar Hassan told Ammon that the new president, Joe Biden, is well informed and has extensive experience in the region for many years when he was head of the Foreign Affairs Committee in the US Senate.

Hassan  stressed that Biden's policy towards the region does not depend on him alone, but on the members of the team that will work with him, whether the foreign minister or the national security advisor and his team in the White House.

He said, "We expect that the American policy towards the Palestinian issue will return to the normal path it was before it changed significantly due to the policies of former President Donald Trump."

At the same time, he stressed that things will not return to what they were before, even after the policy change on the Palestinian issue.

Former Foreign Minister Dr. Marwan Muasher,  agreed with Hassan in saying that Biden will not touch the decisions previously taken and will not cancel the transfer of the US embassy to Jerusalem or the recognition of the occupation’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights, but at the same time it will cancel what has not yet been implemented.

Muasher considered that Democrat Joe Biden who won the US presidency over his rival Donald Trump, a cancellation of the so-called "Deal of the Century."

He confirmed that Biden would throw the deal aside and return financial support to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA).

He said that what matters to Jordan is that Biden will not give the green light to the occupation to annex lands from the West Bank, in addition to not pressuring Arab countries to sign peace treaties with the occupation, saying, "His policy does not adopt the principle of land for peace."

He stressed that Jordanian relations with the White House will become warmer than during Trump .

Al-Muasher expected to freeze several agreements between the Arab countries and the occupation that were intended to be concluded, and whose negotiations have not ended yet , especially with regard to Sudan.

Doctor Mustafa Al-Hamarneh, confirmed  to Ammon that he did not expect radical changes after Biden's election, saying: "I do not think there is a drastic effect of that."

He hopes that the United States with its new president will begin the internal reconciliation context and move towards the policy of former President Obama regarding the Palestinian issue, indicating that Obama was adhering to the establishment of the Palestinian state and against the settlements and the annexation of lands.

He stressed that he does not expect radical changes in President Biden's handling of the Middle East files, indicating that Biden will turn his global attention towards issues of pluralism and human rights at the level, expecting his pressure on this file.


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