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‘Industry chamber working with gov’t to address export obstacles’


The Jordan Times


AMMAN — Jordan Chamber of Industry President Fathi Jaghbir on Thursday said that the chamber is “closely cooperating” with government institutions regarding mechanisms to resolve obstacles facing industrial exports and affecting the sector’s productivity, especially ones triggered by the COVID-19 crisis.
In this regard, Jaghbir pointed to the chamber’s consultations with the trade and transport ministers and the Jordan Customs Department to address challenges facing the delivery of Jordanian products to the Saudi market in light of the pandemic crisis, which has necessitated the quarantine of truck drivers, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, reported.
The truck drivers' quarantine process has "greatly increased" transportation costs to Saudi Arabia, which has negatively affected the competitiveness of the Jordanian industry in the Gulf nation, he said.
Stakeholders have agreed to deliver exported and imported goods using the ‘Back-to-Back’ (BtB) process, Jaghbir noted, adding that the commercial exchange yard at the Omari border crossing will be ready in early July for this purpose.
An inspection tour, organised for a technical delegation from the industry chambers and the concerned authorities, will be conducted to confirm the new BtB yard's readiness “as soon as possible”, he said, stressing the importance of Jordanian industrial exports to Saudi markets, which amount to around JD500 million annually.

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