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Israeli Occupation reveals information about 'next war'


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The Chief of General Staff of the Israeli Occupation, Aviv Kovachi, revealed the outbreak of the ‘next war’ and the targets that his country's army will hit.
Kochavi said at the National Home Front Conference, that every target linked to missiles and rockets will be targeted in the next war, and that any house in which there is a shell, or located near a shell, or a command headquarters that deals with a shell, all of this network will be hit on war day.
He added that the Israeli occupation army deals with six battlefronts in six dimensions, and faces a large number of diverse threats, the most dangerous of which is a potential nuclear threat in the third circle and the threat of missiles from all fronts and dimensions that the enemy has developed.
Kochavi called on the residents of Lebanon to leave, not only at the beginning of the war, but from the beginning of the tension and before the first shot is fired.
He renewed his call for the necessity of leaving, as these areas will witness an attack force that it has not witnessed before.
Kochavi's statements came in response to previous statements by Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah, in which he said that the party is able to prevent the Israeli Occupation by force from extracting oil and gas from a sea area disputed with Lebanon.

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