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Social media users vent anger over Israeli attacks on Gaza


The Jordan Times


AMMAN — The Israeli aggression in Gaza sparked outrage on social media, leading to condemnations of the attacks on Gaza after Israel’s recent closure of all Gaza borders.
The #GazaUnderAttack was at the top of trending hashtags, both in English and Arabic on Twitter.
Israel continues to target the Gaza Strip with air attacks for the second day, leaving 13 Palestinians killed, including a 5-year-old child, and at least 114 people wounded, according to the Palestinian Health Ministry.
Twitter user Maysara Al Jayyar from Gaza tweeted in Arabic: “The Israeli occupation is bombing women and children, and we do not have the means to treat them in Gaza, they are preventing us from crossing borders, these are crimes against humanity”.
Sharing photos of crying children of Gaza in the streets, Twitter user Amina tweeted in Arabic: “It pains me to see children suffering this way; this is not how they should be spending their time in fear amid bombs. Where are the humanitarians, this aggression and war crimes must be stopped.”
Majd Ammar, posted a video on her story of Alaa Qadoum, the five-year-old who got killed by Israeli attacks, while her father was carrying her dead body, with the caption “killing children is not self-defence”.
“Killing innocent souls, shutting down borders, trapping nearly 2 million Palestinians inside without any power, while the world is not doing anything about it. This is inhumane and everyone involved should be held accountable,” Ammar wrote on her Instagram.
Twitter user Zaid described the Israeli attacks on Gaza as “sickening, triggering and heart breaking”.
“Gaza is under attack yet again and risks of even more death and destruction. This is not going to stop soon, they need our help, we need to be loud with our support. Israel cannot keep getting away with these war crimes, this can raise as much awareness as possible, which is a secret weapon to ignite hope for the Palestinians who cannot speak up,” Zaid tweeted in English.

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