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Independence celebrations boost street vendors but raises concern over child labour


The Jordan Times


AMMAN — On the occasion of Independence Day, the streets across the Kingdom buzzed with street vendors selling flags and other celebratory items.
“National occasions such as the country’s Independence Day give employment to significant numbers of people who sell flags, badges, and other decorative objects.” Mansour Emad Eddin, a street vendor, told The Jordan Times on Saturday.
He said that people started buying flags of all sizes two days before May 25th, noting that due to the ongoing circumstances in Gaza and the West Bank, many people have decorated their vehicles with the Jordanian and Palestinian flags.
Similarly, Sami Jaroun said that he has sold over 100 flags during the past 24 hours. This has helped him earn around JD250, helping him to buy his family the basic household items.
“I really needed some cash and my friend suggested that we sell flags during Independence Day celebrations… and it really helped.” He further expressed.
However, some street vendors have taken advantage of the celebratory atmosphere in a negative manner, involving children and adolescents.
“Street-vending children are everywhere holding a handful of flags to sell on May 25th… this should be stopped immediately,” Suad Fadda, a Jordanian in her 50s, told The Jordan Times over the phone.
She added that people confront street beggars on a daily basis and now amid celebratory atmosphere street vendors have involved children in the profession.

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