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Coronavirus ‘preventable, controllable and treatable’ — Chinese ambassador


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AMMAN — China is waging a “very serious battle” against the coronavirus epidemic, Chinese Ambassador to Jordan Pan Weifang said on Tuesday.
Speaking during a press conference to address critical issues related to the new virus, Weifang said that preventing and controlling coronavirus has become “the most important work” of the Chinese government and people. 
“The safety and health of people always comes first, and therefore the prevention and control of the disease’s outbreak are the country’s top priorities at the present time,” he said.
Under directives from Chinese President Xi Jinping, a central leadership group was created and tasked with the responsibility of controlling and preventing an epidemic, the ambassador noted.
“The Chinese government will fulfill its international obligations, meet the legitimate concerns of foreign citizens in China immediately and ensure their safety in a responsible way,” said Weifang, noting that in response to the request of the Jordanian authorities to evacuate students from China, the latter has “agreed and assisted the Kingdom in doing so”.
The ambassador described the epidemic as “preventable, controllable and treatable”, noting in his speech that the infection rate is 1 in 100,000. The number of infected people outside China was reported to stand at 1 per cent of all the cases in the world, he said.
“China has made every effort and taken every effective measure to control the spread of the epidemic and protect the health of people in China and the world. The number of treated cases inside China stands at around 600, while those who passed away are little over 400,” he added.
The country has built two hospitals, one with a capacity of 1,000 beds and one with 1,600 beds, in less than two weeks, Weifang noted, calling it “a miracle that shows the resolve and capacity of China”.
World Health Organisation Secretary General Tedros Adhanom Gebriissos announced on Thursday that the new coronavirus outbreak has become a public health emergency of international concern, with more than 20,000 cases recorded worldwide, according to various international health organisations.
In response to the announcement, Ambassador Weifang said that “since the system came into effect in 2007, the organisation has declared a public health emergency many times. Tedros noted that the situation is currently evolving and is need of research, stressing that the response in countries with fragile health systems should be strengthened”.
China has provided 5,000 kits to Jordan in case the latter encounters a shortage of supplies, a Chinese embassy report stated.
Based on reports of Gebriissos’ latest visit to China, the ambassador said: “Tedros stressed that China’s actions not only protect its people, but also the people of the whole world. He added that he believes that the measures taken by China will effectively control and ultimately defeat the epidemic.”
The restrictions on travel and trade with China have caused “a noticeable negative effect”, according to the ambassador, who asked that no healthy Chinese individual be prohibited from entering any country.
“We hope that no one would spread any lies and exaggerate the threat of the epidemic, keeping in mind that the damage caused by lying and panic is more harmful than the virus itself,” Weifang concluded.

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