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JAF to allocate JD78 million to boost veterans’ welfare


The Jordan Times


AMMAN — Starting next year, the Jordan Armed Forces-Arab Army (JAF) will allocate JD78 million annually to improving the conditions of veterans who retired before 2010, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Lt. Gen. Mahmoud Freihat said on Monday.  
During a celebration held by the National Committee of Retired Servicemen, Freihat highlighted that veterans deserve the support for their service to their country and the JAF.  
He added that His Majesty King Abdullah pays special attention to veterans, given their experience, knowledge and ability to “effect positive change in their communities”. 
On Saturday, the Social Security Corporation (SSC) said it proposed amendments relating to service members, which would enhance the rights and privileges of military personnel in the JAF and its affiliated institutions.
One of the most important amendments to the law would grant the heirs of a fallen service member a monthly salary equal to 100 per cent of the service member’s salary, instead of the current 60 per cent, SSC spokesperson Musa Sbeihi said on Saturday, adding that the payout would be subject to social security deductions as of the date of the member’s death. 
Another modification would change the way military subscribers’ pensions are calculated. Currently, military personnel’s pensions are based on their last few years of service, while the draft amendments would use only service members’ last salary to calculate their pensions. 
The spokesperson added that as per the draft amendments, a military subscriber who dies from a work-related injury would receive a pension amounting to 75 per cent of their total salary, while the current figure is 60 per cent.

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