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Jordanian woman and son killed, daughter injured in Nevada shooting


Ammon News -, Petra


 A Jordanian woman and her son were killed Tuesday in a shooting in Henderson, Nevada in the U.S., the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates said on Thursday.

The ministry said the Jordanian embassy in Washington D.C. is following up on the incident with state authorities, in which another Jordanian, the woman's daughter, was injured. The family's maid was also killed in the shooting.

Ministry spokesperson Daifallah al-Fayez said that preliminary investigations indicate that the perpetrator, known for drug abuse, lived in an apartment above the victims whom he thought lodged a complaint against him for frequent noise, which in fact was filed by all residents of the condominium.

Al-Fayez added that the shooter came to the family's apartment, shot the mother, her daughter and a maid in the house. The mother and the family's maid (a non-Jordanian national) died on the spot while the daughter sustained injuries.

Shortly before police arrived, the spokesman noted, the shooter kidnapped the family's son and both were killed in the ensuing shootout with the police.



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