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Arab Potash lays corner stone for new administrative projects


The Jordan Times


AMMAN — The foundation was laid for two new Arab Potash Company (APC) projects on Tuesday, the first for construction of a new administration building and the second dealing with the management of potash storage, handling and packaging.
At a ceremony to unveil the company's new projects, APC Chairman of the Board of Directors Jamal Sarayrah said that the company's net profits this year after taxes, provisions and royalties grew to reach JD121 million by the end of the third quarter, in comparison with JD89 million during the same period in 2018, according to an APC statement.
With the completion of dam 19, Sarayrah predicted an increase in potash production by 140,000 tonnes, pointing out that the APC is considering expanding inside and outside its concession area, notably to Ghor Fifa.  
He added that the two new projects have been designed to boost the APC's competitiveness and expand production.   
The first project falls within the APC's endeavours to “keep all workforces close to production processes”, increasing efficiency through managing challenges and problems “live, from the scene”, Sarayrah said. 
“The APC has proved to be a success story in the Jordanian economy,” he added, highlighting that the company is run in full by Jordanian workers.
Maen Nsour, APC president and CEO, said that each project “has its significance”, with the first project moving the upper management to Ghor Al Safi in Karak Governorate to work closely with production workers, "the backbone of the company". 
The new main administration building consists of four 900-metre stories designed according to “high-level architectural standards”, in addition to a 1,500-square-metre facility to be used as a control centre and centre of training, research and development, the source added.
The second project aims at managing the storage, handling and packaging of potash, and is in compliance with the company's expansion processes, including increasing the storage capacity to reach 4,500 tonnes through constructing a new storage area equipped with advanced technologies.
It also includes setting up specialised units for packaging, stuffing containers, loading trucks and a unit for mixing potash, he said. 
 The APC's strategic plan focuses on boosting infrastructure, especially the company's assets, including factories, dams and equipment, as well as addressing product diversification and giving increased attention to specialised fertilisers, he said, adding that the strategies contribute to establishing production processes that depend on computing and artificial intelligence.  

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