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Maaytah, parties hold fourth meeting to hash out finance issues


The Jordan Times


AMMAN — The main mission of political parties is to cooperate in elections to reach Parliament and form parliamentary governments, Minister of Political and Parliamentary Affairs Musa Maaytah said on Thursday.
During his fourth meeting with members of the coalition of national parties, Maaytah stressed that parliamentary governments could not be formed without having “strong” political parties, blocs and currents inside Parliament, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, reported.
The minister stressed that the state wants to deliver a message to citizens that it supports developing the political system until parties can be represented in Parliament through strong partisan currents and coalitions which represent communities.
Head of the political parties’ coalition, Irhail Gharaibeh, said that no progress could be achieved towards partisan life without strong parties and their participation in elections.
Gharaibeh added that there was no experience in the world which could unite people like parties, noting that the lack of parties could lead people to search for other alternatives.
He said that financing parties during their early stages was essential to delivering a clear message to citizens that the state is serious in developing the political system.

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