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European Department for Security and information : America is not interested in the buffer zone in Syria and the resistance processed


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Secretary General of the European Department for Security and Information (DESI) Ambassador Dr. Haitham Abu Said announced that the US administration is not eager to discuss the issue of buffer in northern Syria, the region , which is currently controlled by extremist groups , known as " ISIL " and " Al-Nusra Front " and " Ansar al- Sham " and " Islam Army " and subsidiaries so abundant of information on a large preparations carried out by the Lebanese national resistance , which supports the Syrian army and the extent of its impact on the Iranian settlement of six Western nations path .

The priority now will focus on how to fight ISIL and maintain the balances for many reasons, including most notably the lack of an alternative that does not worry America's foreign interests if the regime change in Syria . In the same context of the Secretary- General, Dr Abu Said saw that the statements by Saudi Arabia irresponsible and non- linked by international political will and vision to support and strengthen those subversive groups in cooperation with Ankara , There are serious efforts by them to integrate different groups funded them directly under the banner of one ( Ansar al- Sham ) to put them in areas that will be the international coalition at the output of which ISIL groups , to be the nucleus of a project called " New Syria " . However, this project does not cast any resonance in the Western media , Saudi Arabia is not convinced that its project and inciting against Syria and Iran and its allies had fallen and the new stage requires realistic largest in dealing with international issues , and the subject began to take different directions away from the old military accounts. In this regard, the Secretary- General, Dr Abu Said pointed out that Hezbollah is able to play this field role , which is at full readiness to guide the various military messages toward Israel , Turkey and Saudi Arabia if this support continued non - limited to those armed groups that threaten the security of the entire region to serve Israel and its agents .
Referring to what posed by the Syrian opposition and so-called National Coalition of the Syrian , which are working on so hard behind the scenes and special events , not only to change the seat of President Bashar al-Assad but change all followed the political approach since the era of the late President Hafez al-Assad in terms of national issues central Palestine issue , This agenda is required of them by some countries , so that we become a dilemma in front of the entire system and change in stages and come up with contradictory behaviors system from its predecessors to come out of Syria support Arab issues to monitor events in the Middle East address. Turkey put the establishment of the buffer zone enters in this context, to coincide with the creation of military units is part of a unified opposition like that. And the words of some officials in Saudi Arabia, which came out of decency protocol framework erected in the heart of this trend , and the words of the President of the Syrian Coalition Khaled Khoja Coalition and a member of the Bader Jamous .

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