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KOICA, BAU join hands to enhance technical education in Karak, Irbid under $10m project


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AMMAN — On Monday, Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) Jordan Office and Balqa Applied University (BAU) signed the Record of Discussion to commence the implementation of the project “Developing Technical Education Programmes at Al Balqa Applied University in Al Karak and Irbid” from 2020 to 2024 at a value of $10 million.
In an effort to support national endeavours to tackle the chronic issue of high youth unemployment in Jordan, KOICA and BAU joined hands to devise the project in accordance with the Jordan National E-TVET Strategy 2014-2020, with the aim of increasing employment opportunities for graduates in eight supported majors at Irbid University College and Karak University College, according to a statement from KOICA.
Acknowledging the “ever-growing gap” between Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) and the needs of the labour market, the project attempts to cultivate skilled technicians who meet market needs through a number of project activities with “the generous contribution of $6 million from the government of the Republic of Korea”, the statement said.
The project activities include: Establishment and improvement of TVET environment; curricula development; textbook development; provision of career guidance services and capacity building for faculty members.
BAU will contribute $4 million for the construction of labs and workshops within the project. As partners contributing together $10 million, BAU and KOICA show “an example of the effort exerted to achieve one shared goal”, the statement said.
Abdallah Al Zouby, president of BAU, addressed KOICA in the statement: “Your government’s support through this fruitful cooperation will have a positive impact on Jordan and on the future of students.”
Kim Hyo-jin, KOICA Jordan country director, stated: “I am very happy that this project has
begun; as a Korean agency we will be one of your best partners.”
KOICA is a governmental agency that implements Official Development Assistance in 112 countries. It has contributed to the socio-economic development of Jordan through various development programmes since 1991, the statement concluded.

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