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Jordan, Russia encourage voluntary return of Syrian refugees


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AMMAN — Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi and a Russian delegation headed by Russian Special Presidential Envoy for Syria Alexander Lavrentiev discussed the latest developments in Syria, especially in the southern region of the country. 
Safadi and the delegates, who included the Russian deputy foreign minister and defence ministry officials, reviewed Russian ideas related to the return of Syrian refugees and efforts exerted to strengthen stability in the southwestern region of Syria, according to a ministry statement.
In this regard, the minister stressed that Jordan encourages the voluntary return of refugees to their country and supports efforts that seek to provide proper conditions for their return.
He also underlined the need to ensure a safe political, social and economic environment that encourage refugees to go back to their towns and villages.
Safadi stressed that Jordan would continue cooperating with Russia so as to reach a political solution to the Syrian crisis, one that is accepted by all Syrians, maintains the territorial integrity of the country and guarantees the safe return and resettlement of refugees on their lands.
Safadi and Lavrentiev praised the “effective” Jordanian-Russian coordination on the Syrian crisis, Petra said, “which contributed to reaching political settlements in the south-western region and spared Syrians further bloodshed and boosted their resilience in their homeland”. 
Lavrentiev praised the Kingdom’s role in this regard and its humanitarian efforts in shouldering the burden of the refugee influx.
Both officials stressed that Amman and Moscow would continue cooperating to encourage the voluntary return of Syrians to their country, as well as institutionalising necessary coordination mechanisms, and, at the same time, maintaining efforts aimed at reaching a comprehensive political solution to the crisis.
The top diplomat highlighted the importance of the Russian role in any initiative or effort aimed at achieving the envisioned political solution to the crisis.
They also stressed the vitality of eliminating the Daesh terror group, preventing its crimes and uprooting its dark ideologies.

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