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Current situation in Kingdom ‘under control’, Interior minister affirms


The Jordan Times


BAMMAN — Interior Minister Salameh Hammad on Monday assured the public that the situation in the Kingdom in light of the coronavirus crisis is “under control”, stressing that the government is “on the right track”.
The government has put in place measures to protect the country and limit the spread of the pandemic, including imposing the nationwide curfew, he said, noting that the Kingdom has “surpassed” many other countries in this regard.
The minister, during a joint press briefing with Minister of State for Media Affairs Amjad Adaileh at the National Centre for Security and Crisis Management, highlighted the government’s efforts and pointed out that the Health Ministry has put anyone who has come into contact with infected persons and anyone suspected to have COVI-19 under quarantine.
Commenting on those who have violated the curfew, Hammad said that the ministry was forced to open four rehabilitation centres to keep the violators in isolation for 14 days before they are subjected to legal measures for placing the public in danger.
Expressing trust in the government’s measures, he said that a number of people have violated Defence Order No. 2 and left their homes, stressing that authorities “will not act with tolerance” towards those who put citizens' lives at risk.
Regarding the details of mechanisms for delivering basic commodities and medicines, Adaileh said that they will be announced “within hours”, if prepared and finished.
The curfew could be extended for days or weeks, he added, noting that the performance related to the curfew is subject to evaluation every 48 hours and decisions are taken according to this continuous assessment. 

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