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Teaching strategies must develop according to society needs, say educators



AMMAN — On the occasion of World Teacher’s Day, educators highlighted the importance of developing teachers’ skills to improve the educational process.
Observed annually on October 5, World Teacher’s Day commemorates the anniversary of the adoption of the 1966 International Labour Organisation / the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation Recommendation concerning the Status of Teachers, which established standards regarding the rights and responsibilities of teachers.
Speaking with The Jordan Times on Monday, Amal Abu Ishaq, an educator and educational supervisor, said that teachers should be equipped with the necessary educational tools and skills through continuous training that empowers them to “bring the best educational outcomes”.
Being a teacher does not only require having the knowledge, but also the right skills and attitude, according to Abu Ishaq, who was formerly an educator at The Queen Rania Teacher Academy.
“Education is a lifelong process, and teachers should keep on learning in order to teach future generations,” she said.
As for Khloud Efishat, an Arabic language teacher, the development of teachers’ professional skills is key to boosting students’ educational outcomes and teachers’ confidence in their techniques.
“It is extremely important for me to remain a continuous learner, because it has helped me in responding to my students’ various needs,” Efishat told The Jordan Times over the phone.
“The world is changing; so should our teaching techniques,” she concluded.

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