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Health Ministry following up ‘closely’ on new attack on medics


The Jordan Times


AMMAN — The Health Ministry on Tuesday said that it seeks legal actions against perpetrators of attacks on its staff and was contacting stakeholders to take legal actions against them.
The ministry reiterated that it does not and will not tolerate such aggressive acts, regardless of their circumstances and justifications, according to a Health Ministry statement.
The ministry’s statement followed an incident when a doctor and a nurse at the Muath Bin Jabal Hospital in Northern Shouneh were beaten by people accompanying an ER patient.
Health Minister Saad Jaber assigned Assistant Secretary General for Technical Affairs and Health Directorates Ammar Shurafa to check up on the doctor and the nurse and oversee the action taken against the suspects.
Shurafa on Monday night stressed the ministry’s rejection to the attacks against its staff while implementing their professional and humanitarian duties in various workplaces.
He added that the ministry is closely following up on the growing phenomenon, referring to several recent attacks in a number of hospitals over the past few weeks.
Hospital Director Iyad Obeidat said that the injured staff received bruises and contusions to various parts of the body, noting that they were receiving necessary medical treatment and they were in a fair condition.

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