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Tal replaces Hikmat as chief of Constitutional Court


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AMMAN — A Royal Decree was issued on Saturday appointing Hisham Al Tal as president of the Constitutional Court, as well as appointing Akram Masaadeh and Mohammad Mahadeen as members as of October 6, 2018, a Royal Court statement said.
The law governing the mandate of the court, which was established in 2012 as part of the constitutional amendments of 2011, has two responsibilities: To oversee the constitutionality of the applicable laws and regulations and to interpret the provisions of the Constitution. 
Under the same code, the King appoints the president and members of the court for a non-renewable period of six years, subject to specific provisions. 
When the law comes into force, His Majesty appointed nine members, including the president, and three members every two years from the date of appointment of the first line-up to replace sitting judges. The latest move included the replacement of the president Taher Hikmat with Tal.
The court currently includes in its membership Mansour Hadidi, Noman Khatib, Mohammad Thwayeb, Mohammed Alawneh, Mohammad Mubaideen, Qasim Momani and Fayez Hamarna, in addition to the new members.
The Senate, Lower House and Cabinet are the only entities that have the right to directly challenge at the Constitutional Court the constitutionality of the applicable laws and regulations, a provision criticised by the civil society.

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