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King delivers royal message to Jordanians


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Wednesday, His Majesty King Abdullah II delivered a royal message to the Jordanian people regarding the recent developments.
Following is the text of the message:
"In the name of Allah the Merciful
May peace and blessings be upon our prophet Muhammad, the faithful Arab Hashemite Prophet,
My brothers and sisters, the children of the same Jordanian family,
Peace be upon you and God's mercy and blessings be upon you,
I am talking to you today, as the family and the tribe, the place of absolute trust, and the source of determination, to assure you that strife has ceased, and that we want Jordan to be safe and stable. And it will remain, God willing, stable and secured, fortified by the determination of the Jordanians, impervious to their cohesion, and the dedication of our brave Arab army and our security apparatus that watch over the security of the homeland.
Our country is accustomed to facing challenges, and we are accustomed to triumphing over challenges. Throughout our history, we have defeated all the targets that tried to undermine the homeland, and we came out of them stronger and more united. Steadfastness in situations hold a price, but there is no price that diverts us from the right path drawn by parents and grandparents who greatly sacrificed for the sake of the elevation of our people and our nation, and for the sake of Palestine, Jerusalem and its sanctities.
The challenge of the past days was not the most difficult or the most dangerous to the stability of our homeland, but it was the most painful for me, because the sides of the discord were inside and outside our one home, and nothing came close to what I felt in terms of shock, pain and anger, as a brother and guardian of the Hashemite family, and as a leader of this people dear.
However, there is no difference between my responsibility towards my small family and my large family, as Al-Hussein vowed me, may God rest his soul, on the day I was born to serve you, and I devoted myself to you, and I dedicate my life together to continue the process of building and achievement in the homeland of glory and assurance, love and brotherhood. My first responsibility is to serve Jordan and protect its people, its constitution and its laws. Nothing and no one is taking precedence over the security and stability of Jordan, and it was very important to take the necessary measures to fulfill this trust.
More details to follow.

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