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Safadi warns of altered US stance on Israeli settlements


The Jordan Times


AMMAN — Nothing changes the reality that the Israeli settler units are illegitimate, and there is no decision that can cancel the fact that they are a clear violation of international law, Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi said Monday. 
Delivering a speech at the extraordinary session of the Arab League Council’s meeting of foreign ministers, which was called for by Palestine, Safadi warned against the altered stance of the US on establishing settlements, according to a Foreign Ministry statement.
"Our meeting today does not need to stress the illegitimacy of the Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian state," Safadi said, adding that this is a fact that was established in UN Security Council Resolution 2334.
"We meet today to warn again of the catastrophic repercussions of the settlements on efforts to realise permanent and comprehensive peace," the minister said, adding that settlements perpetuate an illegal, illegitimate and inhumane occupation, whose existence threatens regional and international peace and security.
"Israel pretends it wants peace, yet its actions undermine efforts to attain it; Israel pretends it wants security, yet its illegitimate and inhumane unilateral measures fuel the conflict."
Safadi reiterated that the two-state solution, which guarantees the establishment of an independent Palestinian state on the pre-1967 lines with East Jerusalem as its capital, is the only means to realise peace and security. 
The minister added that Israel this year has announced plans to establish 8,337 settler units, which is double the number announced last year. Currently, the number of settlers in the West Bank constitutes 14 per cent of its population, and in Jerusalem alone, there are some 215,000 settlers.
Such figures will never allow the two-state solution to be reached, he said.
The international community has to make a crucial decision in facing Israeli aggressions and the illegitimate settlements so as to protect international peace and defend its laws and principles, Safadi stressed.
The minister expressed the Kingdom’s appreciation for the countries and international organisations that have highlighted the illegitimacy of the settlements and denounced these procedures that violate the international community, adding that Jordan calls for translating these stances into actions that can “make Israel pay for its disdain of international law and the rights of Palestinians”. 
Earlier on Monday, Safadi met his Egyptian counterpart Sameh Shoukri in Cairo to discuss means of furthering bilateral cooperation and coordination in regards to regional developments.
Convening ahead of the Arab League Council meeting, the two sides stressed that their countries are taking practical steps towards advancing cooperation in all fields, according to a ministry statement.
Talks went over developments in the Palestinian cause, mainly those related to the repercussions of the American decision to legitimise Israeli settlements.
Safadi reaffirmed the illegitimacy of Israeli settlements in the occupied territories, which the international community is “unanimous in condemning”, voicing rejection of the unilateral measure, which undermines the only solution for comprehensive peace, the two-state solution. 
He also warned against the ramifications of the American decision, which may doom peace efforts.
Talks also covered the crises in Libya, Yemen and Syria, as well as means to stimulate joint Arab action to face the challenges threatening regional security and stability, with the two sides reiterating that Amman and Cairo are jointly proceeding to serve Arab causes. 

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