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Losing her job following restructuring plan, Ahwal builds her start-up: Ramadan decorations


Muath Freij , The Jordan Times


AMMAN — Ramadan decorations inspired Jordanian girl Dania Ahwal to meet the needs of her life after she was forced to leave a company she used to work at. 
Ahwal recalled that she used to receive a salary that was not sufficient enough for her, adding that the company later decided to implement a restructuring plan and consequently cut a number of employees, including her. 
In 2017, the 29-year-old came up with an idea of creating her own business after she noticed the high demand for Ramadan decorations. 
In an interview with The Jordan Times, Ahwal said she benefited from compensation she received from her company after she left, buying a machine which produces the designs she creates. 
The decision to start her own business was not that easy, given the many obstacles she had to encounter, including learning design and trying to promote her products. 
“I used to buy the designs in the beginning because I did not have [a] background of designing. It was not affordable at all so I decided to participate in courses that can make me able to design,” she said. 
She added that it took her sometime to gain the trust of clients and stores and gradually her business started to flourish, promoting her works through social media networks. 
“When Ramadan is about to start, I usually work for late hours in order to be able to meet with the demand of customers,” she said.
She commended the efforts exerted by her family members in supporting her.  
“Some people used to try to decrease the prices of the items I sell because I am a girl, but I later got used to the system of the market. Some people told me that you will not be successful but later I proved them wrong,” she added. 
She described Ramadan as her peak season because many individuals and companies like to send gifts to each other to celebrate the start of the holy month. 
“I call on every girl to believe in herself and to do any idea she has in mind so that we can show that we are strong and important members of society,” Ahwal added.

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