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Disgraceful show - Editorial, The Jordan Times



The spectacle associated with the Israeli-US celebrations over the opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem on Monday was disgraceful and an affront to international norms and practices.
The "show" was pompous as it aimed to inflict the gravest of injuries on the pride and feelings of all peace-loving peoples, especially the Palestinians, who have the most to lose.
It was bad enough when President Donald Trump took the maverick decision to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel last year and set in motion a new wave of animosity between Israel and the Arab and Muslim worlds, but to top it all with an event carefully orchestrated to drive home the message that Israel and the US are united in discarding international legitimacy on Jerusalem is something else.
The spectators of the "show" were basically limited to Israeli officialdom and senior US officials, who took comfort in abandoning their country's long-standing and principled position on Jerusalem as a city of peace and the symbol of the Israeli-Palestinian reconciliation.
For the Palestinians, the Jerusalem event meant the loss of all hope for peace with Israel, notwithstanding the pious wishes expressed by President Trump and his emissaries to the spectacle.
The celebration in Jerusalem was accompanied by the continuous carnage on the Israeli-Gaza borders, where, on the very same day, 52 Palestinian demonstrators fell to Israeli bullets and hundreds others were gravely injured.
What compounded the injuries associated with the misguided celebration in Jerusalem was the fact it was not necessary in the first place. It was confrontational enough to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, but  to gloat over it in the most confrontational manner is something else.
Now, Israel and the US have to reap what they had sown in Jerusalem for years, if not generations, to come.

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