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‘Razzaz Meter’ to assess gov’t performance, public opinion


By Ana V. Ibáñez Prieto, The Jordan Times


AMMAN — Al Hayat Centre for Civil Society Development (RASED) on Monday announced its plan to launch the “Razzaz Meter”, a new online platform aimed at assessing the Cabinet’s commitments to the implementation of its policy statement and official plans.
Available as of next week at www.razzazmeter.org, the new website will provide citizens with information on the government’s commitments, their degree of achievement, as well as a public opinion section where visitors will be able to participate and post suggestions. 
RASED Senior Programme Officer Osama Muhsen said that the team has been following all announcements related to the new government over the past month and sorted them into seven categories, including political reform, economic and financial reform, administrative and corruption reform, accountability and transparency, justice and human rights, development and public services and foreign affairs.
“The website will include all promises made by the prime minister and his government in the past month in order to perform live monitoring on accountability, and each decision made after the confidence vote will be placed in a timeline and assigned a status of complete, in progress or not started,” he told The Jordan Times. 
Razzaz Meter is the first platform of its kind in Jordan and the Middle East as a whole, Muhsen stated, noting that the website follows models previously implemented in countries like Canada. 
“Our aim is not to pressure the new government but to give them motivation to be held accountable to their commitments while keeping the population aware,” he pointed out, adding “it is the first time Jordan witnesses real promises coming from the government — and especially after the protests, it was the best time to launch a platform like this one.”   
The website is set to be launched once the Parliament grants its confidence vote to the newly formed government, which is expected to follow after the government’s policy statement presented by Prime Minister Omar Razzaz on Monday. 
Seeking the Lower House’s confidence, Razzaz addressed the Parliament pledging to launch a comprehensive development programme aimed at empowering Jordanians, realise their ambitions and fulfill their needs, all through a “swift and efficient executive body” and a just taxation system. 
The premier also pledged to build a “genuine” partnership with the public through putting in place a well-defined action plan to address economic challenges with timetables and performance-measurement tools, maintaining that this endeavour would ensure “complete transparency and openness”.
He further vowed to embark on a “serious and constructive” nationwide dialogue with all segments of society to draft an executive plan to implement the “Jordanian democratic model” defined in the King’s discussion papers, which His Majesty has released since 2012 addressing the main issues of national concern.

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