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Gov’t pledges market oversight, measures to set price ceiling ‘if necessary’


The Jordan Times


AMMAN — The Ministry of Industry, Trade and Supply on Monday said it has intensified inspection rounds on various markets and shops to monitor the price range and supplies of foodstuff and edible commodities.
In a statement carried by the Jordan News Agency, Petra, the ministry also pledged to make sure that prices are not raised during the month of Ramadan.
Meanwhile, the ministry reassured the public that supplies are in check and that competition in the market will keep the prices within range, especially with the consumer corporations’ discounts, in reference to military and civil service outlets that offer goods at lower prices to members of the military and security agencies as well as government officials.
The market price index remains stable as a result, the ministry explained, as suppliers were instructed to increase their stocks of foodstuffs and edible goods ahead of the holy month.
However, the authorities were informed of possible price hikes on beef and meat products with the increase of demand in the past few days ahead of the fasting month, the statement underlined.
Other reports came in on possible violations of the public health code in a number of slaughterhouses.
The ministry is currently following up on these reports to cap the price range if necessary and fine the merchants, the statement said.

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