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2017 Eager Lion war games conclude



AMMAN — The "Eager Lion 2017" exercises concluded on Thursday, the Jordan Armed Forces-Arab Army (JAF) announced. 
The final-day drills included strategic air raids implemented by two B1 warplanes from the US Air Force, which entered Jordan's airspace accompanied by jets from the Royal Jordanian Air Force. 
Jordanian F16s and fighter helicopters also provided their support during the bombardment drill, as well as parachuting.
The participating troops showed high levels of sound planning, preparation and teamwork through coordination among various divisions and the use of various types of weapons, the army statement said. 
The 7th war games kicked off on May 7 with the participation of 7,200 land, naval and air troops representing 22 countries, who trained on facing conventional and unconventional threats. 
The military drill saw the participation of Jordan, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iraq, the UAE, Lebanon, the UK, France, Kenya, Italy, Pakistan, the US, Belgium, Poland, Holland, Australia, Greece, Japan and representatives of NATO. 
Eager Lion is an annual joint exercise that has been held in Jordan since 2011.
All participating troops are scheduled to start leaving the Kingdom as of Friday, according to JAF. 

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