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Queen meets with beneficiaries of Thurra Charitable Association in Al Jizah


The Jordan Times


AMMAN — Her Majesty Queen Rania visited Al Jizah on Tuesday, where she met with beneficiaries of Thurra Charitable Association and learned about its community empowerment projects.
The Queen visited Rasmia Shamout’s mini market, a small business she was able to start with funds from Thurra Charitable Association. Shamout told Her Majesty that her business has helped her earn a living to provide for her three children, according to a statement from Her Majesty’s office.
The Queen also stopped by the homes of two female-headed households in the area.
At Thurra Charitable Association, Her Majesty met with Association President Khaled Zaben, board members and a number of beneficiaries and local community members, as well as heads of other local charity associations, the statement said.

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