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One in six own a vehicle in Jordan — report


The Jordan Times


AMMAN — Jordan has witnessed a substantial increase in its vehicle population as owning one has become “an absolute” necessity.
Vehicle ownership witnessed a rapid increase when compared to the population from one vehicle for every 58 persons to one vehicle for every six persons, according to the 2019 Central Traffic Department report.
A group of citizens told The Jordan Times that owning a car is very important to commute to work, noting that due to the large size of families in Jordan and Arab societies, a car is the solution to accommodate all of them.
The Jordan Strategy Forum, citing data issued by the Ministry of Transport, wrote on Twitter that the total number of vehicles in Jordan reached 1.5 million, of which 1.2 million are in Amman.
According to the Department of Statistics (DoS), the overall population in the Kingdom reached 10.8 million. The population of Amman stands at 4.5 million.
Suad Fada, a Jordanian in her mid-50s, who lives with her daughter and son, told The Jordan Times on Saturday that the main reason they own two cars is the poor quality of public transport services in Jordan, adding that most families she knows nowadays own at least one vehicle.
“Owning a car gives a person some sort of personal control, especially in a populated city like Amman,” Fada said, adding that many people in Jordan are not overly concerned about the features or current trend of the car they are buying, as long as it runs.
“A car could be a status symbol, necessity or both,” she said, noting that she uses one car to go to work, while her son uses the other.
Sana Said, who is a doctor of pharmacy, said that everyone she knows in Amman owns a car. She said that having a car is more convenient, saves time and makes life easier.
“My car helps me a lot in case of any emergency, because many times my patients call me to check on them in hospitals,” She added.

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