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Public sector workers call for raising living cost allowance


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AMMAN— A committee formed of public sector’s workers called on the government to raise the living cost allowance to match the inflation rates, reached about 2.62 percent in 2022, according to the indicators of the Department of Statistics.
The committee’s request, which was sent to the government in a memo, includes “calculating the inflation rates directly so that the cost of living allowance will be raised by about 30 percent, or from JD135 to JD175.”
The workers emphasized that “the increase in income is one of the most important reasons for moving the Jordanian economy wheel, and that the amount of the increase does not constitute a burden on the state, but rather the results will be positive on the individual and society.”  
One of the committee members, Ahmed Al-Saadi, stressed that “the allowance should go in line with the current living conditions, and the inflation rates that are announced by the government.”
He pointed out that "the committee is still waiting for a response from the government.”

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