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Online campaign in solidarity with Jordanians held in Israeli prisons


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Jordanian activists called on people to participate in the "biggest online campaign" to express solidarity with the Jordanian prisoners in the Israeli prisons.
Activists said in a brief statement that this move comes to meet the demands of the Jordanians detained in the Israeli prisons, who called on the government not to release the Israeli settler, who had illegally crossed into Jordan in late October unless they are released.
They confirmed that the Jordanian prisoners are in danger, noting that the campaign will begin today at 8:00 pm 
A few days ago, a letter was leaked by Jordanians detained in the Israeli prisons, where they called on the government to work hard for their speedy release.
According to semi-official figures, more than 20 Jordanians are held in Israeli prisons, where some of them are sentenced to life imprisonment.

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